Food Review: Taste of China – The Authentic Chinese Restaurant – Shoaib Hafiz Muhammad


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Food Review: Taste of China – The Authentic Chinese Restaurant

Good things come in small packages, they said. This stands true for Taste of China which is one of the very limited options serving authentic Chinese food in Lahore. It is a closed space located in Garden Town. This place is a guest house for Chinese too.

I discovered this restaurant a few months back when a friend invited me and a couple of other friends for lunch here. Since then, this place has become a regular to visit for me. They do not have much to offer on their cards but they are doing their best with their limited resources.

A Chinese businessman bought this restaurant a year ago and opened it for the general public. Earlier, it was catering Chinese only. Now, when its doors are wide open for all still, the majority of its guests are Chinese. The majority of Pakistanis who come here for dine-in are those who have lived in China and have a familiarity with Chinese food.

It was my third time there but I enjoyed it as much as I did in the first time. I had visited it with my friends, this time I was with my editor. We reached there around lunchtime. We were given the menu card as soon as we took over our seats around a small table. It was a simple menu card. They have a detailed card for Chinese guests but they can provide that to you if you demand. That is a little pricey.

They also make special Chinese dishes like hotpot which are not mentioned in the menu card otherwise. We ordered chicken and mushroom soup, beef dumplings and spicy chicken which is basically crispy chicken pieces with spices.

The food came in 15 minutes. We took to start with the soup. That was a big family size serving bigger than the normal family size we get in restaurants. Chinese have big portion size. They do not have smaller servings on their entire menu at the moment. We suggested them to add smaller portions to cater to Pakistani audience.